POSITIUM LBS LCC-Insights from Mobile big data

Positium is regarded as the leading expert in the field of mobile positioning data processing and analytics for governments. Positium consults on use of mobile data in statistics to the following umbrella organizations: ITU, OECD, European Commission and UNSD. Positium is a partner member of the UN Global Working Group on Big Data in Official Statistics. In 2014, Positium conducted a feasibility study for Eurostat, the coordinator of the European Statistical System, to show how mobile positioning data can be used in tourism statistics throughout Europe.

DIGITAL TOWN INC-powering smart cities

Digital Town Smart City platform consolidates the functionality of popular sites like Google, Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Expedia into a single, user-friendly mobile and web experience that makes it easy for visitors to connect with local merchants, restaurants and lodging providers. Its cloud-hosted GovSuite admin suite streamlines workflows, and connects stakeholders. DigitalTown powers Smart Cities.

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